Value Your Own  

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What is our value? Our self-worth? Do you know?

What does it mean to love yourself and know your own value? 

In moments when we get sick, we realise that life is not infinite and we do need to cherish our body, this vessel to hold our soul inside. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, yet we forget that in this lifetime it is our responsibility to take care of our human body and protect ourselves from beings who don’t have the best intention at heart of oneself and wish you ill will. This does not mean we reciprocate and respond with the same behavior and loose ourselves. 


My observations have been that we women and men tend to give ourselves and our body away to the pleasure of flesh without actually not even enjoying it. What’s the point? We don’t even realize how much energy we give away and each time we give a piece of ourselves away. The act of love is still sacred sexuality and I am saying not to have sex. I am just suggesting being aware of how we give our energy away. I myself experienced it in the past year that I thought if I were to unleash my desire and lust to the person, I dearly loved so much, and I would be able to win his heart. But this is not the case. First foremost valuing ourselves and our body communicates also to others to value and respect you.  Our body is our sacred space and our temple and if we give ourselves away and allow anything to happen with our body and soul then we can’t blame other entirely. Maybe we hoped to be respected and valued by this other person even though we knew deep down inside that it was not the right way how to gain respect. This is not the case when people get sexually abused. I speak of consented exchange of intimacy .


I am sharing this with you as it took me a while now to admit it, and I have seen many men and women not taking care of themselves victimizing themselves without taking their responsibility for their lives including myself. Knowing our worth means self-love, being kind and compassionate to ourselves. Just because we tend to be super tough, doesn’t mean we can expect the same from others. How we treat others is a reflection of how we treat ourselves. If we treat our body with unhealthy life patterns and when we do get sick thinking that we still need to sacrifice ourselves, please other people and prove that we are strong and invincible and not ask for help. This is not sustainable. If we don’t take care of ourselves who will, and we have nothing to give. Showing vulnerability is not a weakness it is a major strength of our lives and shows trust in life and that we have the courage to be human to uplift and inspire each other. Not every person is using our weaknesses and it does not mean we have to allow it.