The stories of our lives…..

Who would have thought that I would be working in Monaco and living in a city of this rather transient place offering the light and dark side of living in a surreal World?

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We are a group of friends mainly female yet again sharing the same drive of finding love of our life time. The truth is we are all seeking the same:

To be seen and listened to, to feel and eventually to love and to be loved. The innate essential need for human beings to love and to be loved.

When strangers see us, they see only the façade with maybe some enhancements such as botox, the one or two boob job and enlarged lips..hahah However, they don’t look beyond the surface understanding that we all share a depth within ourselves - our soul. 

We all have a purpose and some of us are aware of it some are not. If we seek the truth, it is up to us to find the courage to look into the deepest corners of our very existence and sometimes expose lies and deceit, shed light to the darkness. Why is this especially prevalent in so many place such as Monaco, Dubai, Singapore and New York.. ? Because we just have a concentration of narcissistic sociopaths in one spot..haha? It makes me sometimes wonder whether money, materialism attract people like us.. I say like us as I had my fair share of having been self-consumed with my narcissistic ego behavior and I am still working on this..


For more than six years I have been studying and observing my habitual patterns and conditioning that I have adopted in my whole life time. Yoga has given me the entry tools to dissect this very nature. But I needed to go deeper with meditation to explore my thoughts and understand my traumas that get triggered through daily life situations and repeating karmic cycles over and over again. Learning how to reconnect to myself and understanding where everything comes from. Contemplation and reflection allowed me look at my darkest corner of my very existence: fears, insecurities and thought patterns that have created my own reality and made me live in a distorted view of reality. 

I came to realize that I manifested many times exactly the opposite of abundance and make myself believe that I was not deserving love and seek it always outside of myself rather than to go within and connecting to unconditional love and forgiveness to myself in order to give this to others. 

It always starts within to go beyond and moving from separation of ourselves to union within ourselves and others. I know this all sounds very complicated and many people ask themselves what the heck did I smoke hahaha. It’s ok. I don’t need to use drugs to have clarity :)

No, I am very clear while I write this, and I could go further into my personal meditation practice and share with you how many previous lives I have seen. But this is not the point here. I like to open this conversation that we are all connected no matter how we sometimes feel being separated from ourselves and others. 

What about if we were to give ourselves time to explore our own nature and observe how we behave and what triggers us? And further explore our fears to eventually let them go for good to find again our childlike innocence with an open heart full of unconditional love and forgiveness? 

With many disappointments we tend to close up our hearts and avoid feelings. Not easy for me personally as I am a highly sensitive empath and I have been told all my life that it was bad to be this way and to literally ‘man up’. 

However, I learned how to control it and protect myself for my energy not to be misused and yes, I do avoid some people’s company sometimes or try to stay very neutral. It took me a lot of training, knowing how to conserve my energy and it is still work in progress. I do know when to become a hermit and recharge my batteries to be kind with myself.

Eventually, one will attract like-minded souls and you will know who your tribe is. Unconditional love, forgiveness, truthfulness, discernment and support will be the key components. People who will trigger you help you to become the best version of yourself.

The stories are to be continued….Love