Releasing fear...


Once one’s life changes rapidly with a series of events that cannot be controlled nor be comprehended, we find ourselves forced to release fear and move forward no matter what.

I found myself in these situations so many times in my life. Having lived in nine countries, moved around where life, love or a job took me. Every time going with the flow. Change, adapt to my surroundings, survive and again let go.

The rollercoaster of life is not really a bumpy ride if you see through the patterns of cycles you experience. If you become aware and conscious of how your conditioning, latent impressions, thought and behavior patterns instigate similar scenarios, which give you the opportunity to learn out of your life lessons and let go of karmic cycles or experiencing a similar situation again and again and stay stuck in self victimisation.

With the last full moon in Libra 19 April 2019, the energies were flying high and some of us became conscious of our karmic cycles. the process started with the first full moon in Libra 20 March 2019 and ended with the second one. One might understand that nature and the universe do have influence on our energy levels and we are all living in union with nature. A process of clearing, purging and creating balance in our lives and relationships. Balancing the female and male energies (yin & yang, tamas and rajas, darkness and light…) within ourselves to release old thought and behavior patterns which don’t serve us any longer. Were relationships have been one sided and not equal and just.

The universe sends us these divine timings to allow us to wake up, experience epiphanies and let go.. If we dissect our past life and look at the repeating cycles, we can ask ourselves why are we again at a similar crossroad, in a similar situation and going through the same painful experiences…? Wouldn’t it be easier to become conscious, awake and avoid these situations from the first place? Let situations not trigger us and we respond rather than react?

Looking at past relationships of most of us, we have the tendency to move from one relationship to another and collect a vast amount of very joyful, high energetic but also painful and dramatic experiences, which we end up in a same scenario. Why is that? 

Our past life or lives (depending what you believe in), i.e. our childhood with upbringing could have planted seeds of certain conditioning and traumatic experiences that influence our perception of the World, relationship between men and women, how we have to be, how we should act and live our lives, how material gain is important, who we should or not marry to avoid being judged and also trigger our behavior and reactions towards challenging situations. A disconnection between our heart and mind is prevalent and our thoughts drive our lives but not our heart.

For examples: If you have been brought up in a conservative family where education, status, money and even religion are very important, then this can influence our level of narcissism and the choice of one’s life partner just to tick all the boxes…..But is the choice from our heart or our mind.. Do we ‘think’ we are in love or do we ‘feel’ we are in love? Our heart and mind are disconnected. You follow the path as taught and realise you are not fulfilled and you are still seeking… Not realising that you have everything within you and you will experience situation with people triggering you in order for you to eventually learn your lesson and clear your karmic cycle. So that next time you are finding yourself in a difficult situation you are able to deal with it effortlessly, with grace, forgiveness and compassion for yourself and the person in front of you.

If we become aware of what triggers us to find ourselves again and again in the same situation, then we are able to let go of our thought and behavior patterns and move on to evolve and again embrace change. Sometimes we think it is easier to just stay the same and many times we are afraid of change and going towards the unknown. It seems to us easier to stay in this fear and we are familiar with the feeling. Is this really freedom and do we live the life we deserve with unconditional love, forgiveness & peace, joy, prosperity and becoming the best version of ourselves?

Trust is the key. Taking a ‘leap of faith’ and ‘following your heart’. Trust in life, divine, whatever you believe in and that we are here for a reason and to learn our lessons for a reason: To become the best version of ourselves and bring unconditional love and forgiveness to ourselves in order for us to share it, uplift and inspire humanity. 

If we find the change within ourselves, we can make a difference in the World.


Releasing …

the fear of change

the fear of being judged

the fear of loss

the fear of darkness

the fear of shining your brightest light

the fear of not being good enough

the fear of being alone

the fear of being abandoned

the fear of your own divine energy

the fear of death.