Yoga... living and working..

Our own journeys on the path of Yoga as a student and teacher

Coming from a business background and trying maybe to escape the money oriented part of pure capitalism, I am  somehow surprised, how I can see the same patterns in the Yoga industry as we’ve experienced or even still experience now so many times before in our lives….

Honestly speaking I am tired of hearing people owing other people, especially as Yogi or even a Yoga teacher. Yes, gratitude is important and acting upon in it is essential to understand the essence of the Yoga teachings. Yet again, expectations and lack of communication and understanding for each other is poisonous and can destroy once valuable relationships.

As a Yoga teacher, we come across fellow teachers, who claim students as their 'property'… Understandable they feel they have invested all this energy in their student and potentially felt like him or her being their little ‘pet project’… Similar to new Yoga teachers starting their work with help of their teachers and mentors…. Once disagreement arises and the communication is poor, we come across massive misunderstandings that create confusion, frustration and even negative vibes… Now, what to do? Well, let’s look at this, we practice Yoga to come closer to ourselves, gain freedom within ourselves and thus externally, to live a healthier lifestyle, to find our own spiritual path, to feel closer to the divine, to alleviate stress or calm our minds and so forth on… Everyone has their own reasons to practice their Yoga… And everyone has his or her individual needs… So, of course not every teacher will be ‘suitable’ for every student to guide him or her through their individual journey of Yoga. In my opinion Yoga is a very personal practice and sometimes teachers ‘click’ with the students and vice versa, we share the same path… This means, we as Yoga teachers cannot own students and claim them for ourselves, for example getting upset when they attend classes and workshops in the neighboring studio and not come back to your studio.. However, how often do we feel compelled to blame it on the next-door studio owner and say ‘You took my students away!’…. This is a very difficult situation to be in and the student should not feel this confusion. He or she should just follow their path and own experience in Yoga.. For the studio owners, it would be time to open your hearts and accept the concept of abundance. Yes, I understand we are here to also make a living, so called meets to an end… But as I understood right in our training, we are also here to spread our teachings of Yoga and start with ourselves to live our teachings and be better persons. Everyone of us, no matter student or teacher, we are on our own Yoga journey and sometimes we share the path and sometimes we don't.. It is ok...

I am great believer that we don’t own anyone including ‘our students’, my teachers have taught me that we are fellow Yoga practitioners and we respect the freedom? So, we come across the painful experience to let go and try to practice Ishvara Pranidhana (non-attachment, surrendering) part of the Niyamas and the Eight Limbed Path of the Yoga Sutra that we as teachers learned in our trainings. We should try not to forget what we have learned, and reignite our light inside ourselves, and come back to the roots on why we have chosen this path…. Gratitude is very important! This means showing respect for each other and our decisions we have made in business or private life without any expectations.  In our relationships with our loved ones, business partners, teachers or mentors.. I am very grateful that I have great teachers, who have helped me to understand Yoga and practice it every day ‘on the mat’ and ‘off the mat’. Letting go of our expectations, a lesson learned throughout our lifetime…

'If it is meant to be, it is meant to be...'