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Geraldine Hardy portrait

Geraldine Hardy -  (Founder, Teacher E-RYT 200)

Geraldine started dancing ballet in her childhood and a later stage she was fascinated with extreme sports such as snowboarding and surfing, which all resulted in various injuries. She started practicing Yoga 18 years ago and it was more about trying to create balance and ease in her body and mind after pushing herself to the limits. First Hatha Yoga, Bikram, then Ashtanga and now Vinyasa/Hatha with BelovedYoga and Svastha Yoga. Working in a Business environment for the last 16 years, Yoga has always been a great companion in her life to deal with her stress levels and active lifestyle. Eventually, she consciously decided to embark on the journey of yoga and completed RYT 200 hr certification with BelovedYoga teachers Maryam Ovissi and Jafar Alexander. Geraldine draws her inspiration for a Vinyasa Flow style from her experience in dance, while following the principles of ‘sthira sukham asanam’ (Yoga Sutra 2.46) – ‘creating the appropriate amount of effort to sustain ease in the body and mind’. Experiencing this balance ‘on the mat’ and then taking it ‘off the mat’ in our daily lives. 'I have learned in the past years that happiness and contentment starts with working within myself first and embracing to be a student for my lifetime, while enjoying my journey . …. From doing to be a human being'

Languages: German, English & French.


Julia Van Kalles (Teacher RYT 200)

Yoga has been an important part of my life for nearly 10 years.  I love Yoga because it has given me a 'tool kit' for life.  My practice has taught me self-awareness, peace, contentment and gratitude. Three years ago, I undertook the 200 hour teacher training programme with Maryam and Jafar from Beloved Yoga Studio.  It was an amazing experience and I am very grateful for the opportunities that I have to share my love of yoga and my practice with the Cote D'Azur community.  In my classes, I love to create sequences that are adaptable, fun and can be enjoyed by all.  Above all Yoga is about compassion (Ahimsa), so I strongly believe that no one should have to force their bodies to fit a particular Asana (pose).  The Asana has to adapt for you.

Languages: English



Sanjangala Andrea Lovell (RYT 200 Teacher)

Bio of nowness “Because you are alive everything is possible” said my teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh. My journey started in the late 80 when there was funk in the air and incense in the hidden kundalini yoga shalas of New York and Hambourg. This first exposure yielded me straight into mama India's arms: So that I stayed 6 months with Osho in Pune, India; Dancing , celebrating stillness and deep devotion to the inner Sat Guru. We all have the same desire of happiness love and vital power. Out of that deep knowledge our children were born at home here in France in 2004/2006. We got married in 2005. Let Love Rule! For four years I dove into the Science of Yoga, in Berlin with Anna Troekes, Mark Whitwell, Ron Steiner, Donna Fahri, Doris Echlin and Ursula Lyon. I became a Hatha Yoga teacher with BDY/EYU Certification. This helps me to understand the principles of Life, I can see the other person is always me… In 2011 I did a training in children Yoga in Heidelberg with Thomas Bannenberg. I love to share that pleasure of awareness with the children age 2-10years. In 2015 I studied to become a certified Prenatal Yoga teacher with the Khalsa Way method (created and taught to me by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa). Let the body do it’s job, instinct of the heart and use the breath as a meditation object to go deep into the most magical moment in human kind - to give birth and be born as a mamma and papa. I would love to share that intimacy with you and your baby. Om Namah Shivaya

Languages: German, French & English.



CECILE PAYNE - Ashtanga Yoga Antiebs founder(E-RYT 500, YACEP)

Cecile is a Yoga Alliance continuing education provider (YACEP), which recognize this person has an
expert in one or more yoga alliance categories.
Cecile with a background in biology, hold a Master degree  in biology and physiology. She practices Ashtanga Yoga since 2001. Her practice and teaching  has been shaped by her experience and her teachers  Richard Freeman, Shri OP Tiwari, Paul Dallaghan and Matthew Sweeney. She is  certified  E-RYT500H and YACEP with Yoga Alliance , hold a certification with Kaivlyadhama and Tiwari for the Pranayama.She also has a diploma to teach children and teenagers.She is authorised by Matthew Sweeney to teach the moon sequence. She attended several Vipassana retreats (Goenka tradition) and is certified to teach the SIT course  with the "Mindfulness Training Institut" Cecile teaches yoga for over 15 years. She founded the school "Ashtanga Yoga Antibes" in 2004 and conducts  a Teacher training course.

Languages: French & English

Class: Mysore 8h30 every Monday


Charles Cartmell (Iyengar Teacher)

Charles Cartmell started practising yoga in 1993.He has explored a variety of styles. He studied Astanga with John Scott and Shadow Yoga with Shandor Remete before deciding to concentrate on Iyengar Yoga. He undertook a 4 year apprenticeship with Christian Pisano, visiting the Ramamani Institute in Pune on several occasions to train with the Iyengar family.
 He has also practices Qi Gong and Vipassana meditation which brings a fluid and contemplative element to the detailed alignment of the Iyengar approach.He conducts retreats, teaches privately and does remedial work.
 He is a certified masseur in Nuad B'Oran Thai massage and has a working knowledge of Ayurveda. 

Language: English & French

Class: Gentlemen Yoga every Thursday at 19h15